About us

Bil&Bil Construct was founded in 2008, with civil and industrial building works as object of activity, deploying, in this respect, a large range of services necessary for these activities. Throughout the years, the company tried to develop and, with the help of a highly qualified team, it has succeeded in completing numerous projects, both by building works, and by specific activities in their area, in Bucharest and in many other regions of the country.

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The experience we have gained in building works has brought us both the successful completion of every project, and also the courage to face the most daring challenges.
At the beginning, in 2008, there was the team, the courage and the ambition to build, afterwards, every client recommended us to the rest of the clients.
The company’s management is ensured by an expert team, with great experience and willing to implement the European community market principles at all activity levels of the employees.

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Power to build

At the present moment, Bil&Bil Construct’s workforce on the construction industry consists in more than 30 employees. With the help of mechanic equipments, Bil&Bil Construct provides to his clients a wide range of highly qualified services, such as: attic construction, consolidation works, resistance structures, thermal and hydro insulation, interior arrangements, as: dry plating works, painting works, tiles and paving stone, parquet, stone, marble etc. .
Having a solid background on the Romanian construction industry, Bil & Bil CONSTRUCT company has succeeded in imposing itself in the projects developed at the same time with the expansion of the real estate market.
The on going progress that we’ve registered in civil and industrial construction works has to be permanently backed-up by the high qualification of the employees of our company. Being aware of this aspect, we are highly selective in recruiting our staff.

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The projects with a high economic and technical complexity make us more ambitious and challenge us not only to bring them to an end, but also to deliver an added value to our clients.
Bil&Bil CONSTRUCT understands the new trends in the construction field and has implemented modern technologies in order to professionally complete the workings.
We like challenges and maybe this is the exact reason why we are able to currently undertake projects of any dimension or difficulty.

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We are proud of

Tens of real estate projects executed

We have completed a wide range of real estate projects, both custom-made and standard. All our clients have been satisfied.

Medium-size projects that are currently being executed
Des projets comme la réstauration des murs de la citadelle Turnu Severin ou le développement du Centre Multifontionnel pour la communauté habitant la localité de Berceni sont des projects dont nous sommes bien fiers.

Our team

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General manager


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Work protection surveyor